Stir-Fried Chicken with Peas; another job I won’t do — 7 Comments

  1. :O Selling? We go back and forth on fennel, but I do like sneaking in fennel blossoms. The foodies say it brings “umami” to a dish; I say it helps my weak sauces from time to time.

  2. Ha Haaaa Katie…this reminds me of when we had to go from septic to city pipe systems. We got an amazing deal at the time (friend of a friend…poor guy) They had to come and empty the septic field, then crush up the tank and hall it away, and clear out the field before they could lay pipe to the main street pump access. Well they quoted us a price (very reasonable again friend of a friend) only to discover 2 days later they found a 2nd whole new septic field/tank. No one knew it was even there. Because they quoted us a “price” he could not charge us for the 2nd field and tank! We were happy, although I did feel a bit sorry for the guy for all the extra work/costs on his end. (by the way, he also recently did another job elsewhere in our area…do you know he actually found an old 60’s Volkswagen bug inside the septic tank!!!) Unbelievable. I think he went home crying that day! 🙂

  3. Have you already found your next project, or will that wait until you have sold this one? And do you hope to stay in France? I am struck by how comfortable I am asking such personal questions of someone I have never met – just one of the amazing things about the interwebs.

  4. Selling?? I think that requires its own post!

    I grew up with a well and septic, until I was 17 and the city forced everyone onto the ‘city water and sewer system’. I remember the horrors. Now, we’re back on a well and septic and I worry about how much toilet paper we use and what kind is best. *sigh*

  5. have you picked out your next area?
    on a side note your most recent post the one on slow cooker veal? it won’t open for me gives me a bunch of gibberish

  6. Dan – time for a new project! I may even try to grow some fennel…. I’m really starting to like it lots.

    Ina – what a story!!! I grew up with septic tanks…. I remember having to have a new one dug when I was a child (no idea why…)

    Kate – exactly, on both counts.

    Zoomie, it will wait until spring and yes, we’ll stay in France. Couldn’t afford to move back (hubs being T1 diabetic and looking at the scary costs of drugs there) We’re debating areas…. some of us would like to be closer to the beaches. – And ask away. I have more ‘web friends’ now than real ones lol

    nightsmusic, what goes around…. We never thought we’d be hauling wood to heat with either. Keeps us young, right?

    Gayle, not yet…. the debate will go on until be buy Ah – now I have a start date for my problems….