Veal Marengo, Slow Cooker Version; Christmas culling — 7 Comments

  1. I gave as many as I could to the boys and donated the rest. I have no storage. We are either with the boys at their place or on the road for Christmas … If I buy any, it’s for the grandkids.

  2. My collection grows, too. The only solution I have found is to give a “starter collection” to all newlyweds a month before their first Christmas. I can part with them if I know they will have a good home. ?

  3. Katie this dish sounds wonderful. We had your pork chops in a mushroom sauce the other night – very tasty! I keep all of my decorations too…each year saying I will downsize but somehow it seems to grow bigger each year instead!

  4. We decided to give a box of items to a charity collecting in our area. I ended up retrieving half of them before the pickup! I feel your pain.

  5. My mother made Veal Marengo in my childhood but not necessarily at Xmas ! I don’t she made it to coincide with any particular event hahaha ! I have boxes of Chrissie decs in storage, things children made, things bought at xmas markets and just things and yes one day will cull…..maybe .

  6. I have my father’s first Santa ornament, disgusting fur and all. I can’t seem to part with any of mine. ALL of mine, his, my mother’s I have boxes and boxes. About 50 Boyd’s angel animals, antique glass ornaments, Dicken’s Christmas Carol (the entire village, I want you to know!) just…Husband looked at me when we moved two years ago and said, “Really?”

    I just can’t part with them and I can’t stop buying them.

  7. Tanna, great idea. I’l have to start carrying some back – or, wait, sending them back after the next family reunion!

    Zoomie, also a good idea – but there are no ‘newlyweds’ coming up in our family…. Sigh….

    Ina, I managed to toss out a few of the ones that had little meaning…. But, even then it was very few. I have stopped buying, Mostly.

    Gloria, the French want new every year, and it’s usually a new color theme as well. So very different, but then there isn’t a long tradition of Christmas trees here

    kate, i’ll use anything for an excuse. That’s my problem – so many handmade. But son doesn’t do Christmas trees and daughter does Florida minimum,,,,, no hope of unloading there.

    nightsmusic, I’ve packed mine for 4 major moves…. with very little breakage I might add. When I try to throw some out he comes by and says – oh, not that one! There’s really no hope.