Ham & Broccoli Quiche; French English Fun — 8 Comments

  1. I love quiche and this one looks wonderful! I don’t usually buy Gruyere though because it’s so expensive here. But for this one, I’ll make an exception 😉

    Your sentence reminds me of the book, Eats Shoots And Leaves. Love the book and the punctuation examples are wonderful. You’re a good neighbor 🙂

  2. Just discovered your blog re: a comment on Anthony Sedlak’s Coffepot blog. Now I have a whole new wold of recipes to try.

  3. Sullimaybe, it was fun helping him.

    Tanna, you’re right. I should have more days like that

    kate, and it was good…. makes me feel so french lol

    Judith, I’ve never made proper crust – and I always have potatoes.

    nightsmusic, any of your favorite cheese would work – and, yes, I have Eats Shoots and Leaves 😉

    Thanks Alan, I looked for that blog and ouldn’t find it…

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