Slow Cooker Pork Cacciatore: one of those days — 6 Comments

  1. Bless the slow cooker! I did pulled pork today. Never thought of pork chops though. These look gorgeous.
    There are days like this, basically good days even though not as imagined perhaps.
    Spring is coming … lovely crocuses.

  2. Beautiful flowers, yummy recipe, blog looks great to me. And if it’s any consolation, most of my days don’t go the way I had them planned though that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Just takes me longer to achieve what I wanted to do.

    And I think I missed a post somewhere, but are you really planning on moving? You’d mentioned something and then I don’t remember seeing anymore.

  3. I love surprises like that! Your Pork Cacciatore looks delicious and delightful. And so do those lovely crocusses. How clever of them to show themselves to you on “one of those days”.

    I’m suitably envious. Wherever there isn’t snow here, are just bare patches of grey-green grass from last year – no new growth yet. My fingers are crossed that spring will spring soon.

    (Reading about your freezer drawer, I’m suddenly transported back to when I was 12, watching my friend pull a little package of brownies out of her mom’s freezer. We thawed it, dove in and my friend said brightly, “that’s not brownies, it’s banana bread!”)

  4. Tanna, that’s the only way I do pork chops now – well, in the winter….

    Phoenicia, so nice to see flowers again – and they’re safe from the dogs lol

    nightsmusic, most of my days seem to take off on their own as well lately…. sigh. Yes, we are moving, but who knows when. In the US people are worried if they don’t sell their house in a hew weeks – here, with a big house, we’re thinking a few years lol. Lots of time!

    Elizabeth, one thing I have enjoyed on this side of the pond is it’s always green… I don’t miss the ugly gray / brown of midwestern springs. Since I never can be bothered with labeling I developed the ‘drawer’ system…. which works about 80% of the time. Close enough.

    • If only we had room for the ‘drawer’ system in our rather small freezer. We have to rely on memory AND on the other person never ever ever moving things to a different part of the freezer without reporting it. (We lost our pesto for a while… it was tragic. 😉 )