Baked Cod with Tomato Fennel Sauce; he’s back… — 2 Comments

  1. Our current home is modular. Not a mobile home or manufactured which are different. This one was built one box/room at a time then all put together like legos. The piping they used is…questionable to say the least. I opened the door under the sink a few weeks ago to grab something and the water was almost an inch deep. O_o! Unfortunately, the black plastic piping they used doesn’t glue together well (this is not the first time we’ve had problems) and every time the sink or dishwasher drained, the water went into the cupboard. I had to do the same thing. Everything came out, some things got tossed because they were soaked (Comet comes to mind) and the hour long repair commenced. But my cupboard was sparkling when husband was done!

    Sorry, didn’t mean to write a book. And I agree about the mice. They can chew through anything if given half a chance.

  2. nighstmusic, I’m just so glad that it happened when he was here and not in the hospital lol. When one lives in an old house / barn, one has mice. Fact of life. Mice chew – also fact of life,