Salmon Pie; views from the wall

This is a Fish Pie, in the British tradition…. topped with mashed potatoes.

For those who don’t know: Shepherd’s Pie is with lamb, Cottage Pie is with beef and Fish Pie is self-explanatory.

Mon mari claims he hates all fish….

But he likes salmon and he loves smoked salmon.

Let’s just call these ‘adjustable facts’.

Suffice it to say he’s not unhappy when we have salmon for dinner; he verges on contentment when he can grill the salmon; add in some smoked salmon and he’s actually happy on ‘Fish Hell Night’.

Don’t let him know I said that…..

Here we have smoked salmon and fresh salmon topped with horseradish mashed potatoes.

Really – what more could a guy ask for?

The recipe, Salmon Pie, has been updated, nutrition information added, and re-posted here: Salmon and Smoked Salmon Pie.

I started planting my potager today.

Of course, first it had to be roto-tilled, then I had to repair and bunny-proof the fence (again), then I had to hoe.

When I finally got around to doing the planting the day was almost done. I managed to get half of the 300 or so onions planted as well as 41 of the 36 lettuce plants I bought.

Yeah, they weren’t so good with math at the market.

I’ll finish the spring planting tomorrow (spinach, chard, radishes, more lettuce for later and the rest of the onions) before the rains come back on Friday.

Rather than bore you further – here are some photos I took from the castle walls in one of our local villages.

The castle and the village are both sitting on top of a hill allowing beautiful views in all directions.

As well as making it easily defensible.

It’s available to rent for large parties, weddings, etc….


For more information visit Château de Duras

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3 thoughts on “Salmon Pie; views from the wall”

  1. I’d trade you some horseradish for some rhubarb! I have rhubarb out the ears all season and there’s just too much for the two of us to eat and I can only make so many things with it. And…it’s not husband’s favorite…

    I wish I was able to work in the yard but this morning, it was 34 and sleeting. I am NOT going out in that!

  2. kate, it took me awhile to find it here – now I just look in the ‘British aisle’ in the supermarket lol

    nightsmusic, I would be happy with that trade – I love rhubarb and have not been successful here. I may try again. But I bought a lot yesterday…. From Germany

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