Lemon and Green Garlic Shrimp — 4 Comments

  1. We have had some tulips planted over 15 years ago by the old lady we bought the house from, pop up this Spring – also some Spanish blue bells and Hyacinths. It is the first time we have been here in Spring to see them. Since we have a rabbit warren in one corner of the property, they obviously don’t like them.
    It is also the first year we have tasted green garlic. I agree with your remarks about it.

  2. I read everywhere that rabbits love tulips, but the rabbit farm that lives in my backyard evidently can’t read. They never bother the tulips and really, don’t bother much of anything. Now, the voles on the other hand have decimated my iris. And the deer don’t eat anything until the grapes ripen. I thought someone was cutting them but no, it’s the deer.

    That dinner looks absolutely delicious!

  3. Thanks, sullimaybe, they were exceptional this year.

    Gill, isn’t spring fun? And a hassle? Glad you’re here to enjoy it this year. Hard to predict what the rabbits will destroy – and then it changes….

    nighstmusic, and the rabbits get into my veg garden and totally ignore the lettuce. Our deer like roses. I don’t know what ate my rosemary