Potatoes Lyonnaise, please, history, do not repeat — 6 Comments

  1. We are watching the politics in three countries at present – all in turmoil and any one can affect us! In the meantime we are enjoying the French Spring and plentiful green asparagus from our local market.
    Definitely going to try out your potato recipe.

  2. I’m with KateW. Your Lyonnaise Potatoes look wonderful.

    I keep being quite annoyed to have to take my head away from of its usually nice comfortable spot in the sand. Alas, with all that is going on with various political leaders (is “leader” is the correct term?), that lovely resting spot is sadly neglected right now.

    Congratulations on your Outstanding Newspaper Boy award. But, how did you manage to get around the laws to have the newspaper route 7 years before you were eligible to have a job?

  3. kate – food always trumps (lol) politics for me

    Gill, we have fingers crossed for this election…. it could be life-changing for a lot of us (again) This has been a great asparagus season… The best in a few years! Must be the cool, damp weather that I hate.

    Elizabeth, the paper route was legally in my older brother’s name – until I won the award and they realized I was a girl. It caused a bit of a problem lol (|Not the first time I caused problems) Leader is not the correct term but I think the correct term would not be welcomed.