Stir-Fried Lemon Chicken, more green garlic — 4 Comments

  1. Your dish looks lovely Katie. I am the opposite of you: I have never had green garlic, but we always get an abundance of garlic scapes. They have a very pungent garlic flavor and are delicious – my favorite way to make pesto. They are great in stir fries, pasta, stews, and they freeze beautifully. Too bad we could not “trade” from across the waters!

  2. Weather … absolutely unreliable!
    Lemon chicken we love, always looking for new ways.
    Garlic scapes, green garlic, umps I must be in all the wrong places, never seen either.

  3. You can buy green garlic at the market? Lucky you!! I only use some of the leaves from our planted garlic. I think there might be enough for this lovely lemon chicken dish. Maybe I’d better supplement the garlic greens with green onions so that there will still be enough leaves for the garlic to grow….

    How surprising that scapes aren’t sold at your market. What do French garlic farmers do with the flowers when they cut them off to encourage the bulbs to grow? Are they used as animal feed? (We often see scapes here in July. But they are a little tricky to cook; they can be a bit tough.)

  4. Ina, yes, that would be fun…. think of the lovely smells in the post offices lol

    Tanna, spring weather in particular. Lemon and garlic is the best. And, I don’t get Panko here (should I care?)

    Elizabeth, I used to grow garlic and I never had scapes. Here it’s planted in the fall and by mid-summer it’s well-formed and ready to pull – before any hint of flowering. I don’t grow it any longer because I can’t be bothered with a winter garden (garlic, leeks, Brussel sprouts….)