Veal Scallops, Mushroom Pan Sauce, an interesting day — 3 Comments

  1. Poor little lizard! And yes, I would have loved to see frolicking cows.

    I keep a clear plastic cup and thick piece of paper in the living room and bedroom for errant visitors. The cup goes over the visitor, the paper slides beneath it and then the whole thing is tossed out the door to be retrieved later when the visitor has moved on. I haven’t seen my turtle or toady-frog this year yet, but it’s still early.

  2. Kate, that would have been fun but, no, I was with the dogs so no camera.

    nightsmusic, they were funny – the cows, not the lizard. I do the same but this one kept running into the corner under the cabinet and I couldn’t get at him, Hubs to the rescue lol