Artichoke Mini-Pizza; protein – an alternative view — 5 Comments

  1. Very interesting column, not only your results but the actions you took and the results you saw. Most surprising to me is that kidney function was a part of the “normal annual” blood work you received.

    • Chuck, the French are really quite good with preventive care – we get a complete physical every 5 years, too. I was a bit surprised with my findings myself… Carbs have been demonized and protein worshiped for a very long time. Maybe a balanced diet is the answer after all lol

  2. Katie – very interesting discovery. It my be worth it to make a few changes myself as I have always had the same idea about protein vs. carbs that you do…& I could stand to loose a few lbs. Cheese would be a big culprit that we could certainly cut back on.
    Love Italian canned Artichokes – we just had them with a ham and pasta salad and on pizza they are fabulous.

    • Ina, i surprised at how much protein there is in dairy products (I knew about the calories) and I was also surprised how quickly I lost a few pounds by eliminating most of it. Perhaps I was nibbling on more cheese than I realized lol

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