Garden Salad, Thousand Island Dressing; memories — 3 Comments

  1. Oh yes Katie…Thousand Island Dressing brings back childhood memories for me too. Like you we prefer our homemade salad dressings to store bought – this is one I have long forgotten about! Must give it a go.

  2. As my father was British and my childhood was in the 60s in Australia we only had mayonnaise and very few salads at that and only iceberg lettuce was available, tinned beetroot, grated carrot, cucumber and often it was an apple cucumber, tomatoes and sliced radishes….pretty limited era of eating !!!

  3. Ina, it was always my favorite – but the restaurant kind, not the stuff from the supermarkets lol

    kate, we had salads at home in summer when my mother grew ‘leaf lettuce’ I hated it. And, yes, most vegetables were tinned. Very limited lol