Cherry Tomato Tart; firewood  — 4 Comments

  1. We have the firewood guy coming soon. Many standing dead trees were brought down and now he will take away some of the mess. I’d be delusional to think it will all go away. This will be his second huge truck load to take. Perhaps I will be able to walk in the back again. Its been a few weeks since the the piles were created.

  2. Any time I want a delivery or a maintenance man or anything else along those lines to hurry up and come, I make something to eat. It’s like a trigger. The only thing I don’t have to worry about is wood delivery because Husband is not only the chopper, he’s the deliverer, the unloader, the whole thing. 🙂

  3. This is not a problem I would encounter in Morocco….the delivery would never turn up, even on the allocated day. Trades people have their own agenda, unknown to the rest of the world !!!

  4. phoenicia, ah…. the opposite firewood guy. Life was supposed to be getting easier for us – not more challenging (and more work) It will be nice to get the property back again.

    nightsmusic, we don’t have any trees that are big enough – yet. Our little woods will soon yield some, tho. Goody!

    kate, they are slightly better here but one is expected to wait. If they come on a different day at a different time and your not home it’s your fault for not waiting….