Chicken, Asparagus, Spinach Salad — 5 Comments

    • I am sure you wondered if it was all worthwhile!! My gosh you must have planted a lot of spinach seeds. We still have asparagus but I think it will be over soon. It is very hot here. The strange thing is we have had rain or the promise of rain every day for a week. This weekend I saw the tornado clouds over the park near where we live. It was scarey. Our strawberries are really good this year . They are a decent size and very sweet. Good luck in Italy. I hope you have wonderful cheese and wine.

  1. Spinach is rather like maple syrup. When you tap a maple tree, you can get gallons and gallons of the nectar from the tree. You put it in a 15 gallon pot on a hot fire and stir it and stir it and stir it and all of a sudden, the temp hits just right and the stuff thickens and shrinks to about 2 quarts. Spinach has the same shrinking quality to it. :\

    Your salad looks delicious! And we’re just getting fresh spring Michigan asparagus here 🙂

  2. Dan – I hate it when the telltale crunch means I missed washing off a baby snail….

    Evelyn, I did. Last year I planted half as much and it was eaten by slugs and aphids, This year it all grew with no problems, Typical garden,

    nightsmusic, it just cooks down to nothing lol But I do like it. Easier just to buy bags of the frozen stuff, tho.

    kate, I grow it for salads, mainly, but the frugal part of me just can’t throw it away when I have too much.