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KAAK! Bread Baking Babes bake Lebanese Kaak. — 5 Comments

  1. And now it’s time to bake it again with new ideas for fillings.
    Yes to that za’atar and soft cheese! Spot on with that.
    Eat your purse so much easier than eat your hat!

  2. Aren’t we the best purse designers? Yes to the za’atar and soft cheese, or labneh, or halloumi….or or the fried egg…dipping in olive oil or butter…
    Thanks for the round up again Katie! You’re the best keeper of the clan!

  3. How fun is it to see all these great ‘purses’ hanging on the poles. Wonderful to see them all together. Thanks Katie!

  4. Look at all those beautiful handbags! I cannot believe that we haven’t yet tried hanging our lunch from our bicycle handles!

    I suddenly have an urge to use grilled eggplant with yoghurt mint sauce as a filling….

  5. Tanna, so many choices…. all summer to plan picnics

    Karen, the Babes are the best at whatever they try!

    Lien, they are all beautiful. Now I crave street food

    Elizabeth, really – or at least hang one on for a snack when you’re out running errands. One can get a bit peckish….