Lemon Orzo with Avocado and Herbs; Crime — 5 Comments

  1. I had two big “mean” dogs inside my house when it was robbed…..stupid thing was the burglars smashed in the front door when the back door was already wide open for the dogs to go in and out during the morning .

  2. When you have too much mint, try stuffing the cavity of a whole chicken with it before roasting. It give a wonderfully exotic aroma to the chicken. Sorry about the break ins. Our little town has seen a rash of car break ins, smash-and-grab. Disheartening.

  3. Maybe you can make one of these in French for your gate. Our sign is a picture of a snarling doberman that says: Go Ahead; Make his Day. I tried to attach the pix I have but couldn’t do so.

  4. My sign says, “I can make it to the fence in three seconds…can you?” with a Doberman silhouette in the middle. It’s a ‘safe’ sign meaning, in our state, you put up a sign that says Beware Of Dog and you’re admitting the dog is vicious. If the burglar gets bit, he has every right to sue you and will probably win and your dog will be put down. It’s my hope the sign works because if you pat my dobermans on the head, they’ll help you carry the stuff out of the house and pack the car for you…

    I am definitely making this recipe sans mint. We are not mint people.

  5. kate, how horrible. It’s all very unnerving, but I guess that is how life is now.

    Zoomie, I think if one has any mint at all one has too much. It seems to multiply very quickly. Thanks for the tip. It is disheartening, isn’t it? As a species I think we’re regressing.

    Phoenicia, I like that…. I know longer tell the dogs to be quiet when they bark their heads off at strangers.

    nighstmusic, some laws are beyond ridiculous. Here if you are bit it’s because you were stupid enough to put your hand in the dog’s mouth.But, then, Europeans, esp. the French, have always loved big fences and tall hedges monitored by growling dogs. They like their privacy and security. May have something to do with those pesky wars…. I was never a mint person either, but I’m starting to like it – a lot.