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Chard Polenta Rolls; work and worry — 3 Comments

  1. It’s really a shame they didn’t at least finish the limestone on the outside. They didn’t have to add on to it but could have just completed what was there.

    I’m growing veggies in containers this year that are on a wheeled base. Makes it much easier to move them to protection if the weather is bad and there’s only the two of us so a large garden almost isn’t worth the trouble for me. But I’m glad you came out on the better end of the storm!

  2. kate – I love the little yellow paper ‘bracelet’ and the ‘office’ was quite impressive as well.

    nightsmusic, rumor has it that it’s what caused Martin Luther to get upset with the Church….Wheeled containers – nice idea. When I give up the big one (which could be sooner rather than later) I’ll do that!