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Chard, Tomato Stacks; falling figs — 5 Comments

  1. It’s like a Victorian mystery: exotic foreign property, a strange hole suddenly appearing, then the sound of falling fruit becomes an entire tree about to crush the heroine. This probably all happened around midnight.

  2. Yikes, you were lucky! I wonder what ton mari will do with all that fig wood. Table tops? Exotic flooring for the barn? Firewood?

  3. Yikes!!! Thank goodness you’re okay. And how fortunate that the figs are tastefree, otherwise it would be such a tragedy.

    Our red Swiss chard is doing really well this year. We will definitely have to try your chard/tomato stacks (if we can find some decent tomatoes).

    The other night, I prepared the chard vaguely Persian style (Naomi Duguid’s book “Taste of Persia” is beautiful!!) by stir-frying it with mustard seeds, lots of thinly sliced onions, some garlic, a slosh of orange blossom water (it’s a variation on the recipe for Swiss Chard in Jamie Schler’s and Ilva Beretta’s soon to be released cookbook “Orange Appeal”) and then just before serving it, garnishing with plain yoghurt (warmed) and thinly sliced onions (pre-fried til golden) and barberries. Oh my! It was phenomenally good, even if it’s me saying it.

  4. Dan, it was a dark and stormy night…..

    Tanna, no one heard me scream. Apparently I need to practice.

    Zoomie, it’s pretty soft so I don’t think it would be good for firewood. But he can be creative when it comes to wood. We shall see.

    Elizabeth, we hauled some to the recycling center a few years ago and one of the old French guys who lurks there daily, grabbed one to eat, gave us a withering look, took a big bite, spit it out and walked away lol. I shall try your recipe – modified, of course, but in spirit. Thanks.