Grilled Salmon, Tomato Vinaigrette; Scaredy Dogs — 5 Comments

  1. I had to read the recipe again because leeks aren’t listed. 😉 But you better believe I’ll be making it. With fresh salmon.

    We live in a rural area and the year we moved in, I had a hot air balloon land in the back yard. What a treat that was!! But my dogs didn’t like it either.

  2. Ina, I totally agree. I’ve been eating them constantly and loving every bite. It’s the only reason I have a garden lol

    nightsmusic, sorry – I missed that. I copy an old recipe to get all the technical stuff for google in place quickly and then change it… No one ever accused me of being an ace proof-reader. Thanks.
    In your backyard?!?! Yes, treat for you, not the dogs lol

  3. Oh Lucy used to tremble and go into a total decline over those balloons over the house. And it was never just one, they came on a pack of about five. If we were out walking and I did not have a firm hold of the lead she would have just run off anywhere even into traffic in a total blind panic.

    • Kate, I think mine would do the same…. Fortunately, the balloons only appear in the morning and morning walks are on leads. But I’ll start leaving the get open so they can run inside if they get away lol