Zucchini Ribbons with Red Onions; the last of Italy — 11 Comments

  1. Your zucchini recipe will be a change from mine using then and the onions cross cut with a mandoline slicer, cooked in a frying pan with olive oil and some fresh thyme added to it.
    I am so envious of your vegetable production. So far I’ve managed to get in two varieties of tomato this year and one planting of beans this season – all late so I have yet to harvest anything. Snails and slugs got to both lots of lettuce seedlings overnight but we have managed to pick a few strawberries and raspberries. Hopefully next year I will be able to get everything started much earlier now I am a bit more organised.

    • Gill, try putting eggshells around the lettuce next year (if you don’t like poison) I plant climbing beans and they have been producing nicely for about a week and will last until late Sept. As to the tomates…. Lots but I have to spray which I hate Ah well…. it is what it is Reminds to pick and use more fresh thyme

  2. I have heard that Europe is thronged with tourists this year, and not just Americans but all nationalities. Like you, I have kitchen gadgets I rarely use. I did discover recently, however, that a food processor does a superior job of cutting the butter into flour for scones and/or pie crust. Worth washing the bowl, lid, and blade.

    • Zoomie, summer is usually busy but I haven’t heard that it’s more than usual….. Good news if it is. You nailed my problem – washing the bowl lol

  3. I’m not really a fan of zucchini – except when it’s in ribbons. This looks beautiful! I’m sure it would have been beautiful if you’d used the spiralizer too but really, the peeler produces such pleasing results. (I hope you noticed the alliteration there…. :-))

    I’m reminded of the year that Mum got a mandolin. She mandolined EVERYTHING. What I remember most were her soups. They were spectacular – jammed full of mandolined vegetables. And then, suddenly, the mandolin went into a cupboard, not to be found until we were tidying out the house when Mum and Dad moved into an assisted living apartment.

    • Lovely alliteration (do sounds count?) I have been through mandoline stages… It’s one of the few things that I use regularly, if not often. I’ve had mine for 30 years and use it 10 – 12 times a year. Easier to wash than the food processor lol

      • We hardly ever use our mandoline these days. We tend to use a knife, box grater, or vegetable peeler (they’re easier to wash than the mandoline) instead. Except when we’re having rosti….

  4. I think many of us may have that love/hate thing with the gadgets. My reverse: I got a mandolin. It sat in the cabinet for over 3 or 4 years. One night several of us were doing a cooking night doing spring rolls. One of us happened to be an ex-chef. Waiting for a late arrival, we drank wine. The subject of mandolins came up. I said I had one never used because I couldn’t figure it out. He said bring it on. When I have one where I am, I use it at least twice a week.
    I get the zucchini ribbons but last night I had a kohlrabi … spiralizer and lime juice! Nice.

    • Kohlrabi? Funny – I never see it here… I’ll have to look next time I’m at the big, fancy produce store. Funny about the mandoline….

    • It did look in rather excellent condition for it’s age…. Could be re-done for the camera-toting tourists. And I don’t think it was real in the first place lol