Cheese and Olive Zucchini Bread; no eclipse this time — 10 Comments

  1. I know I’ve mentioned before that I’m not a squash person. Pumpkin pie/bread/cookies…okay. Anything else and I’m just not a fan. I’ve made zucchini bread a couple times, when I’ve had zucchini forced on me and I didn’t want to toss it. But this! Who’d have thought? This, I’ll try 🙂

    I finally saw most of an astronomical event living out here with the eclipse until…yes, got to the apex and bingo! Here comes the cloud cover and there goes my event. *sigh*

    Did you see the pictures online of the eclipse through the trees? The shadows of the leaves on the ground? Beautiful!

    • I remember having traditional zucchini bread in the US – and thinking ‘Why bother?’ This is good 😉 I did see those photos – amazing. We had a lunar eclipse a few summers ago – cloudy.

  2. This zucchini bread is outstanding! Who woulda thought? I’ll be making it next weekend.
    Saw the total eclipse in Oregon, diamond ring and all. It was spectacular.