Chocolate Mocha Bundt Cake with Chocolate Mocha Glaze; conspicuous consumption — 12 Comments

  1. The best thing to consume would be your gorgeous mocha bundt cake. I think there have long been people who wanted to flaunt their high end purchases…it’s just that social media makes it so much easier. Fortunately I hardly own anything worth flaunting, other than the occasional loaf of bread that turns out well. Please keep posting your beautiful dinners and desserts! Those are worth showing off.

  2. We went off cake after being back in Europe as adults; haven’t really picked it up again here. So sweet! I think I’ve seen this photo before. What a view behind you kids! And you may have seen the US Treasury Secretary’s child-bride Instagram post with those hashtags, so outrageous.

    • Dan, you have seen every cake I’ve made in the last 20 years… I think the total is up to 6 now. I grew up in the Mississippi river valley – those are the bluffs behind the house in the photo. Great play area growing up. I may have seen that bit… One would think if she ‘had grown up in a castle in Scotland’ she would have been taught restraint. Apparently not.

  3. Katie – I love cakes like this one…used to make them pre-gluten free days wayyyy back in the day! Happy birthday to you – even if it was a few weeks ago! 🙂

  4. Happy Movha Cake Birthday. It seems that all clothing these days sports a logo or emblazons the designer’s name all over it. About as subtle as a Mack truck. And then to tweet about it – and then defend one’s tweet with more obnoxious ranting about how much one pays in taxes…. Tells you all you need to know about our current administration. Shameful.

    • Zoomie, I refused to wear golf shirts with alligators on them when I lived in the US (are they still around?) I never wanted to give them free advertising lol That whole incident was an embarrassment.

  5. I believe you refer to the so called influencers on Instagram who promote their latest freebie. Of course, they do hashtags to promote the product, otherwise they won’t get their freebies. It’s all about consumerism. Each brand has to be endorsed, and wants to be endorsed by celebs or influencers (hate that word). I don’t follow celebs, so thankfully most of my Insta-feed if filled with food pics, nature, LEGO and babies. 🙂
    Love your chocolate cake, and the photo of you as a young girl is wonderful.

  6. Galina, which is why I was wandering why the rich need to get the freebies. The consumerism is way too far over the top. And I am a long way out of it lol. And thanks for the kind words on the photo. I remember how much I loved that dress!