Plum Crisp; soy beans v sunflowers — 10 Comments

  1. There is a reason that they call it “Top Soil”
    The dirt underneath doesn’t have the organic ‘biomass’ that the top gets.
    The dirt underneath was just plane dirt that he spread it out in his field.
    It will get better year after year as it gets more ‘biomass’ added to enrich it.
    Just plum delicious sounds good.

    • Bob, I never thought about dirt being ‘dead’ before, but this proves the point. Not even weeds are sprouting in it. Which makes me surprised that he planted a crop in it. Maybe he’ll just plow this year’s in There are certainly enough rabbits out there to add fertilizer…..

  2. I love plum jam. I hate peeling them for that though. And though I know that great chefs say a big part of the way food tastes is the visual, it’s got to taste great regardless!

    I have a funky looking plant in my backyard that gets about 8 feet tall with small yellow flowers on the tips of the stalks and seeds that look similar to a sunflower. I have no idea what the plant is, it reseeds and comes back every year and the birds love it. It’s got to be a part of the sunflower family and they’re intrepid things that just don’t give up. Your farmer will probably always have sunflowers there now. Happy plants! 🙂

    • Nightsmusic, needless to say I don’t peel these tiny plums. That’s where all the flavor is anyway… Could your plant be a sunchoke aka Jerusalem Artichoke? There native to the U.S. I think…. I may swipe a few of his sunflowers….

      • Katie, I believe that’s exactly what it is! I’d be more than happy to send you a box of the flower/seeds if you’d like. I’ll just mark the box ‘books’. Seriously. 🙂

        • Thanks for the offer – but I’m seriously trying to cut back on my gardening. Failing, but trying lol I used to send Cuban cigars to a friend when we lived in Andorra – labeled chocolates lol

  3. I love those tiny little plums! What a good idea to add cardamom to them for the crisp.

    I think that crisp is definitely photo-worthy.