Simple Barbecued Shrimp; where has the summer gone…

Shrimp cook very quickly on the barbecue grill so be careful not to overcook or they will be dry and rubbery. They should just curl and be opaque. The marinade helps retain moisture.

Mon mari cooks them on a silicone grill mat, but a mesh pan will work, as well…. or skewers.

You could, of course, do these in a skillet…..

But why would you do that? It’s summer!

The recipe, Simple Barbecued Shrimp, has been updated, nutrition information added, and re-posted here: Barbecued, Grilled Shrimp.

Speaking of summer – does anyone know where it went?

It seems like I just planted the onions and already I’m pulling out the sweetcorn.

And I have accomplished nothing.

I had projects to do this summer that haven’t been touched.

Am I becoming less efficient? Lazier? Spending to much time goofing off? On social media?

What, I ask myself every morning, watching the sun come up and worrying about the world, is the problem?

I used to get so much done every day….

Okay, I was working non-stop from breakfast through our hour and a half of evening TV time (thanks to the laptop). I had to give up that last bit as we now use the laptop to stream Netflix. Now I either knit or read cook books during that time.

Still, that’s only 90 minutes.

And we have been going for bike rides…. but that’s only once a week.

We did a bit of traveling but that was just a week.

I have been making soup for the freezer and freezing tomatoes and plums and herbs every day. My freezer is almost full. So I have been getting something accomplished….

Could it be that my expectations of my abilities are simply somewhat excessive?

Could it be that I’m starting to relax and enjoy life a bit more – but that old nagging work ethic creeps up in the early hours of the morning and invades my peace?


Could it really be social media? Facebook and twitter and the never-ending news updates.

I do try to limit my time and be careful with my clicks.


That must be it. I’m just goofing off.

Oh well – I never got to do much of it when I was younger, might as well enjoy it now.

If I could just exorcise that work ethic thing….

Which reminds me – Should we all start watching MASH reruns again?

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8 thoughts on “Simple Barbecued Shrimp; where has the summer gone…”

  1. Watching just about anything is preferable to watching the news these days. I still read the paper and watch the news out of a sense of duty but it is downright scary. Better to watch MASH reruns or stream movies.

    • Zoomie, we still get an abbreviated version (just facts, no opinions) of world news that I watch every morning. Other than that I try to control myself and only skim fact-based articles from the Post or Times. It’s too easy to get sucked in to the crap.

  2. Summer’s not gone yet!! It’s not even the middle of August and as far as I know (I do shut my mind away from seeing or hearing any ads at all), nobody has been raving about the amazing “back to school” bargains yet. So. It’s still safely mid-summer.

    I love the idea of simple barbecued shrimp. But I”m not sure I dare to show these to my husband. He likes to leave the shells on when barbecuing shrimp. Can you imagine how messy that would be to eat?!

    Oh wait, it should be fine. We’d be dining outside. Because it’s summer.

    • We don’t have ‘back to school’ ads – but all the merchandise went into the stores almost the day school got out for summer (Beginning of July) and families are walking around with their lists already. Eat them outside and just toss the shells in the neighbor’s garden.

  3. When we set off early this morning in our old, open car to get to the start of a rally, it felt distinctly autumnal. We had on suitable layers which we only started to shed at our lunch stop although the sun did start to peep through late morning.

    My husband has suggested the French have shortened their minutes and that is why the day is never long enough to fit in everything!!! We are having exactly the same problem despite barely touching our electronic devices some days.I hate to admit it but I suspect we are just taking longer to do everything.

    Barbecued prawns ( shrimp) are one of our favourites but they have to be done in their shells with a very basic lemon, garlic marinade with a hint of peri-peri.

    • These last few morning have been very cool – the dogs are not happy because I won’t leave all the doors open for them.
      Your husband may be right…
      Strangely, I can, and do, eat shrimp with no problems, but peeling them makes my hands breakout into a bright red rash so we always cook them naked…..

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