Diet Myths Busted (some of them, anyway)

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Myth Busters: Debunking Food Diet Myths

Up to 50 percent of women are on a diet at any given time. And perhaps more shockingly, 90 percent of teenagers diet regularly and about 50 percent of young kids have dieted at some point. The US spends about $20 billion on the weight-loss industry from diet books to diet drugs and pills. But does all that money really help?

Many beliefs we have related to dieting and losing weight are completely off-base. Some of the things diets say to avoid are good for us, and some of the regimens are just plain wrong. Take a look at some of these diet myth busters to help save you time and money.

Myth #1: Eating at Night Makes You Fat

There is a common myth that eating at night will make you fat. However, it makes no difference whether you eat at night or during the day. Your body digests and uses calories the same at night as it does in the morning. The total number of calories you ingest a day is what determines your diet and weight loss or gain.

People who eat at night do tend to choose higher calorie treats though, which may be what promoted this myth. People who snack later at night also tend not to sleep well, which leads to unhealthier cravings the next morning. As long as you eat healthy foods at night, you should not be gaining extra weight.

Myth #2: Pasta is Bad

Many people mistakenly believe that the carbohydrates in pasta make you fat. However, this is not true. Extra calories make you fat and you can eat these in the form of carbs, fats, or proteins.

The problem with pasta is not the carbs but rather the typical portion. Pasta in moderation is perfect for any diet. Dieticians recommend about two to three ounces of pasta per person to get enough nutrients without overloading on calories. You can keep pasta in your diet, just learn how to eat it properly.

Myth #3: Low-Fat or No-Fat Diets Are Good For You

This is completely false. In fact, we need about a third of our calories to come from fat in order to maintain a balanced diet. Our bodies need fat for energy and to transport essential vitamins. Women should eat about 70 grams of fat a day and men should eat about 95 grams. Instead of cutting out fats from your diet, you should eat unsaturated fats such as those found in olive oils and avocados.

Myth #4: Eggs Are the Magical Weight Loss Food

Eggs are constantly put on the list of foods to eat for rapid weight loss. According to some studies, eggs for breakfast can contribute to 65 percent of weight loss. However, although eggs are good for you, they are not magical. They aid in hunger control because they have more nutrients for less calories, and they can increase your metabolism. However, an egg a day will do nothing if you aren’t eating right during the rest of your meals. If you eat too many total calories, it will cancel out the benefits of the eggs you ate for breakfast.

Myth #5: Going on a Diet Is the Best Way to Lose Weight

The whole idea of a diet is the biggest myth of all. Most diets tend to be a temporary plan, but temporary changes don’t create permanent weight loss. You need to think of it as a new way of eating and thinking. You have to think that you will eat like this forever and that is the key to losing weight and keeping it off. A change in eating habits, coupled with added exercise is the best way to keep your ideal weight for years.

Keep these myths in mind when you hear about the next dieting fad. Not all diets are good for you, and you need to do your research in order to debunk the myths.

Last update on September 22, 2017

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