Bread Baking Babes become Seasonal and Sensible (?)

This month they baked Pumpkin Cornmeal Bread.

It’s seasonal because, well, pumpkin!

Although some of the Babes used other winter squash, it’s still the seasonal thought that counts.

Sensible because, from all accounts, this is truly an easy and delicious bread. Soft crumb, moist, flavorful but not too intense….

The general consensus was that it would be the perfect ‘rolls’ for the holiday table this year.

Or holiday brunch or breakfast or late night snack.


This lovely bread was the choice of Judy, of judy’s gross eats, and our host kitchen this month.

As usual, the Babes tended to put their own twist on the recipe – some using einkorn flour, some using kefir, some using pumpkin seeds, some maple syrup and so on.

No one has ever accused the Babes of being sticklers for the directions.

Check out Judy’s post to get the proper recipe and all the details about being a Bread Baking Buddy this month.

Then check out all the rest to decide how creative you want to get with your own Pumpkin Cornmeal Bread.

Judy’s Pumpkin Cornmeal Bread

Cathy’s Pumpkin Cornmeal Bread

Tanna’s Pumpkin Cornmeal Bread

Kelly’s Pumpkin Cornmeal Bread

Karen’s Pumpkin Cornmeal Bread

Lien’s Pumpkin Cornmeal Bread

Elizabeth’s Pumpkin Cornmeal Bread

Elle’s Pumpkin Cornmeal Bread


And that’s it for the Babes in October….

And the Babes are:

 The Bread Baking Babes

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Notitie Van Lien – Lien

And me…. Thyme for Cooking – Katie

Last update on October 18, 2017

8 thoughts on “Bread Baking Babes become Seasonal and Sensible (?)”

  1. Really, you don’t think we’re sticklers for directions. Well, shucks, if we can even read the directions, it’s not like we don’t really follow them is it?
    Actually, I think there’s a great deal of beauty that comes from almost none of us following the directions. We’re sort of proof that bread is not rocket science.

  2. Great round up. Considering that we are all a bunch of iconoclasts, it’s magnificent that we all turn out such beautiful bread, isn’t it?

  3. Sensible? us? seasonal and sensible, that sounds more like that long lost book from Jane Austen 🙂
    Wonderful round up again, thanks Katie!

  4. You are welcome, Babes…. as to the directions – that would stifle creativity. And sensible just means having the good sense to follow one’s own drummer….. Is there a ‘B’ word for unique?

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