Bread Baking Babes become Seasonal and Sensible (?) — 8 Comments

  1. Really, you don’t think we’re sticklers for directions. Well, shucks, if we can even read the directions, it’s not like we don’t really follow them is it?
    Actually, I think there’s a great deal of beauty that comes from almost none of us following the directions. We’re sort of proof that bread is not rocket science.

  2. Great round up. Considering that we are all a bunch of iconoclasts, it’s magnificent that we all turn out such beautiful bread, isn’t it?

  3. Sensible? us? seasonal and sensible, that sounds more like that long lost book from Jane Austen 🙂
    Wonderful round up again, thanks Katie!

  4. You are welcome, Babes…. as to the directions – that would stifle creativity. And sensible just means having the good sense to follow one’s own drummer….. Is there a ‘B’ word for unique?