Marinated Steak – a success story

I know, I know….. I finished grilling season a month ago…..

But we’ve had some lovely weather and mon mari had this whole bag of charcoal and these steaks looked really good.

What can I say…. I succumbed to the moment.

I will have to admit that mon mari, while very happy that he got to play with fire one more time this fall, was not at all happy with my choice of meat.

Normally, if we want to do steak on the grill we go to a specific butcher and pay a rather significant price to get good beef.

I bought these at the supermarket.

Beef from the supermarket is normally only edible if I do it in the slow cooker for a week.

I promised to make a marinade that would transform them into the perfect steak.

I have no idea if my marinade was actually that transformative or if I got really lucky choosing the steaks but they were really good.

Considering the weather where some of you live, you could also broil these or simply pan-fry them

Marinated Steak

Total time: 20 minutes   plus 6 – 10 hours marinating time


  • 2 –  6oz (180gr) beef tenderloin steaks (fillet mignon)
  • 3 tbs ketchup
  • 3 tbs red wine
  • 3 tbs red wine vinegar
  • 1 tsp celery salt
  • 1/2 tsp garlic powder
  • 1/2 tsp paprika
  • 1/2 tsp black pepper

Grilled Steak


  • Mix all ingredients except steaks.
  • Put steaks and marinade in a food bag and seal well.
  • Massage marinade into both sides of meat and refrigerate.
  • Turn beef a few time during the marinating time
  • When read, remove from marinade and grill on barbecue over high heat 3 – 5 minutes a side.
  • Remove from heat and serve.

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I’m busy playing – so here’s my favorite of the year’s morning glories for you to gaze at while you wonder where I am wandering…..

Yes, I’m taking photos….

Last update on October 29, 2017

5 thoughts on “Marinated Steak – a success story”

  1. That Morning Glory photo is so beautiful….and the colour is even better in reality. I feel incredibly privileged to be part of The Thyme for Cooking life…..thank you x

  2. It was 34 this morning when I got up. It’s been in the 30’s every morning here for the past week. It hasn’t gotten over 50 during the day. I have a gorgeous pink rose blooming. Just one. I feel almost sorry for it all alone in the cold, but it reminds me of A Rose In Winter:
    A Rose in Winter
    A crimson bloom in winter’s snow,
    Born out of time, like a maiden’s woe,
    Spawned in a season when the chill winds blow.
    ’Twas found in a sheltered spot,
    Bright sterling gules and blemished not,
    Red as a drop o’ blood from the broken heart,
    Of the maid who waits and weeps atop the tor,
    Left behind by yon argent knight sworn to war,
    ’Til ajousting and aquesting he goes no more.
    Fear not, Sweet Jo, amoulderin’ on the moor.
    The winter’s rose doth promise in the fading runes of yore,
    That true love once found will again be restored.”
    ― Kathleen E. Woodiwiss, A Rose in Winter

    • Our roses have all been cut back – just the morning glory blooming. I loved that book! And all of her early books. I think she lost some of her story-telling in the later ones. Now…. Where is that…..

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