Stuffed Sweet Dumpling Squash; fall colors — 5 Comments

  1. Give up the potager?! Nooooooo. Not when you get those cute little dumpling squashes. Are they sweet like butternut?

    I didn’t try growing winter squash but I did plant yellow zucchini. The plants produced zillions of male flowers and not one female flower. So no zucchini at all!

  2. elena, some years they just grow like crazy; this year they didn’t. I also did not know they were fussy. I thought you just threw some seeds out and that was it. Now I’ll have to figure it out LOL Thus we learn.

    Elizabeth, no, I won’t give it up – but I do get to complain about it. My yellow squash did the same. How can I not grow courgette!?! I need to find some manure….. Maybe I’ll creep out to the farm field some night….

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