Bread Baking Babes do Breakfast: English Muffins — 7 Comments

  1. Truly Katie these are really English Muffins. They just didn’t come from England.
    Start to finish these take a long time, 13 to 42 hours, but hands on I would say is no more than 35 minutes. And that long time frame means they can be fit into just about any schedule you want to throw at them.

    • I suppose someone could argue that they did come from England sort of, because their inventor came from England. Couldn’t you?

      And yes, Katie, they’re pretty fabulous. And very easy to make. I don’t know if they are correct English muffins though, having never tasted the “nooks and crannies” version. They certainly bear little resemblance to the plastic bags of commercial versions of 6 English muffins per bag that we looked at at the supermarket today. The BBB version look good. Every single one of the various commercial versions looked pretty Bflat – a little like kitchen scouring sponges. But (and I’m only guessing) I bet a kitchen scouring sponge would taste better AND have a better texture. {ha. I love to be snarky!}

  2. Ha, I love that intro, now I’m even more confused. English or not, they are really worth to bake!
    Thanks for showcasing our muffins!

  3. I do think that they are sort of crumpet like, especially these. They even bubbled as they cooked, like thick pancakes. Also, Thomas’s English muffins are sold here in the US, and are really good. Bottom line, Katie, If you are feeling nostalgic, these are very much like the ones you remember, but just slightly sweeter and with a whole wheat flavor. Thanks for the round up!

  4. I agree with Lien! English or not, they are worth the time it takes to prepare and bake. Nice roundup!

  5. Tanna, 13 – 42?!? That’s quite a spread. Even I should be able to make that workable 😉

    Elizabeth, I bought English muffins every week for the hubs when we live in the U.S. – I used to bake blueberry muffins for myself but he liked the commercial stuff. No accounting for taste. These, however, look wonderful – all of them.

    Lien, a muffin by any other name….

    Karen, I’m tempted, and you’re welcome. I like the idea of being able to taste the wheat.

    Cathy, and I could freeze them…. sounds better and better