Chicken with Tomatoes and Capers, Slow Cooker; Le Sergon — 10 Comments

  1. Yes that Sergon thingy was definitely out of place ….very weird ! Loved that chateaux….loved everything about my visit with you….xxxx….thankyou for playing tourist with me !

  2. My guess is that Sergon is an amalgamation of the names of two different creatures and this is a chimera of some sort. I would say it is modern and made to reference the taxidermied and mummified scientific fakes that popped up in the 16-19C from time to time. There’s a famous one of a ‘mermaid’ but I can’t remember which collection holds it.

    • Ahhh – like a jackalope! I never thought of that. I really couldn’t determine if it was modern or old. If it was modern they did a good job of making it look old and decrepit, but parts of it seemed more modern in construction. Now I need to go back for a closer look. Thanks for the info!

  3. Modern artworks can be so out there! Did anyone at the winery know anything about it? It looks so out of place in such an elegant setting.

  4. There’s an artist on Deviant Art by the name Sergon. I’m a member and he occasionally pops up in my feed. He does oddball things like that on canvas. Maybe someone decided to do a 3D in his honor.

    We have a very tiny little winery about 5 miles from me that makes the most exquisite Cranberry wine…it’s absolutely wonderful and so smooth…but they don’t have weird things like Le Sergon. Just tastings, lunch…normal stuff 😉

    • I learned yesterday that there had been an art show at the chateau during the summer. This could be leftover…. My mother used to make great rhubarb wine. Cranberry wine sounds interesting.