Red Chard, Red Wine, Sausage  Risotto; potager surrenders to winter — 4 Comments

  1. Twice, I’ve sauteed red chard and it’s turned green. It was a disappointment the first time, a fact of life the second…

    When I mentioned my lone rose the other day, you commented that you’d cut all your roses back. So did I! This was a lone stem on an otherwise very bushy low growing plant. I have no idea why it chose to bloom. And it’s still there!

    I’m with you on the tiny streets. We’re now on acreage and I don’t think I could ever be very close to my neighbors again. Two dobes or none. It’s just so much nicer to not hear them in their daily lives, you know?

  2. How fun! We have chard with red ribs and green leaves. I wonder if it would turn out as pleasingly red in your red risotto. (Our chard suddenly went nuts when the night temperatures started to dip. It’s better than it ever was in the summer.)

  3. nightsmusic, I have rarely had neighbors or lived anywhere where I could walk to a store. The idea of living in town has always appealed to me – until I gave it serious thought and then, no, not possible. It might be fun for a week… maybe.

    kate, we would have to reduce the size of our dogs dramatically… or switch to cats. Your cat seems quite comfortable in town.

    Elizabeth, I had great hopes for our chard as a winter vegetable… Apparently so did the slugs and snails. They won. Sigh…