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Smoked Salmon Quiche; lost in the supermarket — 8 Comments

  1. I love salmon so this quiche will be a must try. The only problem is, my “big box store” as they’re called here, carries everything, like yours, but no crème fraiche. I have not found it in the cheese/cottage cheese/yogurt/butter aisle, not in the fresh area for specialty foods like clotted creams and tofus (and why they’re together, who knows?) and not in any of the other refrigerated areas. And sometimes, substitutions just won’t work 🙁

    • nightsmusic, I would use half Greek (or plain) yogurt and half cream or 1/2 & 1/2 as a substitute I always wonder who decides item placement in stores…. Someone lacking in common sense, usually.

  2. Salon quiche and smoked salmon pasta are favourites here. We watched bemused , as our supermarket was upgraded during shopping hours, over several weeks with everything being moved around not in a logical fashion. The flour and sugar are still between the mineral waters and wine and the milk and yogurts with all the other baking supplies several isles away. One brand of yeast is with the flour and the others with the baking supplies!

    • Gill, there is no sense… And of course they do it during store hours – one can’t pay overtime! And good luck if you want to buy something that is being moved at the moment lol It took me awhile to remember that baking soda is always with the salt and never with the baking powder – which is only sometimes near the yeast…..

  3. This is exactly the same question we had a few weeks ago! Why on earth do they have to rearrange everything? (And our supermarket didn’t really need remodellling) The aisle signs still aren’t updated and staff is over-worked having to explain to people where the vinegar and olive oils have been moved to now.

    Unlike you, I have not at all figured out what is where and am still staring in disbelief after I having marched purposefully to a shelf now full of bottles of dish detergent instead of olive oil. (I’m a slow learner….) I have NO idea where they’ve moved the light bulbs to.

    • And of course they do it during ‘les vacances’ so the stores are jam-packed with families chatting in the aisles. I hate it when I can’t race-walk through the store. You have people who answer questions?!? That would take all the fun out of it.

    • Actually, i do buy the ‘bed pads’. I had to use them for our German Shepherd when she became incontinent (at night) and discovered they are perfect to use when I clean the ash out of the stove and clean the windows lol