Bread Baking Babes Bake Breathtakingly Beautiful Boozy Bubbly Babas — 12 Comments

  1. Late to the party, but I just posted my Baba…such a great December bread/cake. Love your alliteration! Round-up wonderful as usual. Happy Holidays!

  2. Go for 10, Katie!! And insert “Brilliant” into your alliteration. Wow. I cannot wait to see how the baba(s) – still haven’t decided if I’m making one or more – turn out. The dough is mixed….

  3. You are right. We certainly don’t believe in waste! We made the ultimate sacrifice last night and choked down the extra not-Champagne (an Argentinian sparkling wine) we had with our dinner, before tucking into not-Champagne babas with too much cream. If that’s even possible to have too much cream.

    You neeeeeeeeeed to make these, Katie. They’re dead easy. I bet they’d work with plum wine too. (Except the not-Champagne we got was beautifully light and citrussy – perfect with teh apricot glaze.)

  4. Yes… it should have been Brilliant Bread Baking Babes Bake Breathtakingly Beautiful, Boozy, Bubbly Bolli Babas – there 11!
    (Bolli being short for Bollinger Champagne – maybe a bit pricey for Babas)
    Great Babas and you’re all added!
    Thanks Babes – and Merry Christmas!

  5. That is definitely a mouthful, but a lovely roundup nonetheless. You definitely should make these. They were great!