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Roast Chicken & Vegetables; letters to Santa — 4 Comments

  1. >Clean the chicken.
    There is (to me) an astounding discussion in the USA about whether to clean chickens before cooking them. Report(s) are cited stating that doing so splashes water about the kitchen can cause bacteria to get on other objects, and cause illness.

    My thought is that if one is so clumsy as to splash water around the kitchen, maybe one should rethink more ominous tasks such as holding a knife or taking up an egg in hand.

    Splashing water everywhere? It’s a kitchen, not a water park!

    • I’m not overly concerned about washing my food – I don’t bother with most fruits, for example and would never touch ‘produce soap’. (I know, shame on me.) But, yes, I rinse out my chickens and manage not to destroy the kitchen. Frankly, I’m more concerned with getting the rest of the feathers off….. And sometimes they are not quite as thoroughly gutted as they should be. This is France, after all…. At least now I can buy them without the head and feet.