Slow Cooker Pork & Butternut Squash Stew; Paris restaurants — 4 Comments

  1. At home here even the European size is getting large for us but I do totally understand the difference and the difference is enjoying all the food. Your pork chops look pretty perfect on your plate here.

    • Tanna, here it’s assumed one will have cheese and / or dessert…. rather than the American ‘Did you save any room for dessert?’ question. And there is much less waste (also no one takes food home – that would be rude)

  2. …”cheese and dessert”… This thing has been bugging me. Would you consider a post on desserts and their place in France? I mean, are they at the end and does cheese come before dessert? Or neither, or both, or optional for either?

    I used to think that cheese came at the end of a meal on the Continent, and have reason to think so, having lived there so long and seen it, but then I read that that is a British concoction. Ma femme who is half-English thinks dessert should be sweet, and I think it should be cheese though I have no Brit in me. So am I pip-pip cheerio incorrect? Or (I hope) is she wrong?