Carrot Pecan Cake, Cream Cheese Frosting; L’ Auberge Español — 10 Comments

  1. I am having difficulty commenting, I’m sure it’s me and not retaining pass words.
    I would be positive it was the silence of approval. LOVE the pecans on top!

  2. I would have been concerned that the silence around one of my foods was the studious devotion to finishing the plate out of politeness instead of enjoyment! Your cake was an obvious hit.

    • Dan, I decided they were quiet to get the maximum pleasure out of each bite – And I will continue to believe that, regardless of any evidence to the contrary. But they did fight over the leftover bits lol

  3. Your gatherings sound a lot like ours — similar mix of nationalities, similar mix of languages. Of course we have the added exoticism of Australians 🙂

  4. Lucky you to get those pecans!!! But, what? No currants in the cake? Still, it’s clear from the “only two slivers” left that nobody minded that the currants were missing.

    I really admire how much frosting you put on the cake. Some people are a bit cheese-paring (no pun intended) with it. We’ve never added yoghurt to our carrot cake. Now we will have to try that!

    • Elizabeth, I had a traumatic experience as a child… Bit into what I thought was a chocolate chip cookie and discovered, to my horror, it was raisin. I have never recovered and, thus, never put raisins or currents into anything. I do, however, like cream cheese frosting 😉