Cheesy Polenta Spinach Cake; spices — 6 Comments

  1. This looks delicious. My husband loves polenta. I could see this standing on its own as a casual weeknight meal as well as an accompaniment for a meat dish.

    I wanted to say I loved your post regarding the disappearing, non-commercial, home blogger. It’s a different world since I started 11 years ago. A basic recipe-and-a-photo blog posted to a free site is a thing of the past. I still keep my blog active though. I like having my recipes archived for both myself and my friends and my family. It’s not as active as it was of course. My ideas have run dry over the years since I’m not a professional chef. Still, I have to write when the inspiration strikes me.

    • Rachel, I agree and am the same – it’s as much for me as anyone else. Yesterday I was looking for a simple recipe for caramel sauce. I ended up on a well-known bloggers site and there were so many redundant photos that I gave up before I even got to the recipe!