Chicken, Wild Rice Soup; bad Facebook…. bad, bad, bad — 14 Comments

  1. The soup sounds good – thanks for the recipe. There’s an article in the Washington Post today about changes FB is making to the news feeds. That might be why you’re seeing such odd posts.

    • Hi Judi, I know about that and read the article – but why FB assumes I’ve done a 180 politically is what is really puzzling me… And I blocked tortured animal posts a long time ago. Sigh….. I think FB may have a bigger problem than they realize.

  2. I stopped using FB when we went to Australia and I didn’t miss it one bit.

    Do you live in a Pineau de Charentes producing area? If so, try that instead of sherry. I’ve taken to substituting PdC almost always when sherry is called for.

    Yesterday I made a garbure using a left over grilled chicken leg and the ten tonne of winter vegetables that our housesitter very kindly left us (she works at an organic market garden). The garbure — cabbage and turnip and all — wasn’t bad. Just as well, as there’s lots of it.

    • Susan, we used to live in the Vendee so I am familiar with Pineau – never cooked with it though. That may change…. Your garbure sounds delicious. I am just about ready to start buying vegetables again – my freezer and cave are almost empty!

  3. I blow hot and cold with FB. I like it for contact with distant friends, but the algorithm tends to give me many of the same opinions I have already seen or expressed, only more intense. It’s divisive. And sometimes nasty.


    Best thing since sliced bread if you spend any time on Facebook. You can customize almost every aspect, it’s very easy to use and I only see what I want to see now. I really don’t like Facebook anyway but at least this way, I can spend a bit of time on it checking the few friends I have without having to see all the crap that’s out there.

    I just made a big pot of chicken soup this week because I’ve had the flu over a week now. I buy Das Dutchman Essenhaus chicken soup base. Or Zenders. They don’t seem to be as salty as the big name commercial ones. And I don’t add any salt until it’s done and I’ve tasted it. I know you can’t get either there, but they are available here so thought I’d mention them.

    • Nightsmusic, thanks for the link – just getting rid of the ads would be nice… I rarely click on anything so I’m not sure where all the crap is coming from. I’ve seen reports that the flu is nasty and widespread this year. I’m hoping we’re spared. Feel better!.

  5. I love soup as well. It really is the best. Whenever we make stock, if we think we aren’t going to turn it into soup right away, we reduce the stock and freeze it. That way, we can slice off little bits of intense stock to put into other dishes – this way, we avoid having to buy jars of jelled concentrate.

    I wondered what was going on with FB! For the first time, I got a notice that one of my comments had been marked as spam (!!) I can’t even go and look at the comment to see what on earth I said. I think perhaps the comment has been removed. (It was to a big company FB food pages something about the best way to make scones and my comment was that they might consider trying a different shaping method that would give them even more loft. I don’t recall now if I included a link. Perhaps I did and so whichever admin was skimming the comments didn’t care for my multi-sentence comment that didn’t completely agree with their view and didn’t contain something inane like “yum” or “oh boy, that looks real good”.