Mini Meat Loaves; where do old blogs go? — 19 Comments

  1. >I realized I have been writing this blog for 12 years.

    Impressive! And either that sentence or the photograph of the meatloaf just made me hungry

  2. I’m glad you re-upped 🙂 While I’ve found myself over the past two or three weeks especially, reading fewer and fewer of the blogs I used to follow, I’m glad you’ll stay. Even if I don’t always comment, I always read 🙂

    I make my meatloaf with a pound of ground beef and a pound of bulk breakfast sausage. Husband will eat meatloaf sammies until they come out his ears and I do like a leftover piece for lunch the next day. But I will say, he’s very much like mon mari in that I wonder why I ask him if he has a preference for dinner. I usually get two or three standard answers as well. Maybe it’s just a ‘guy thing’…

    • I used to use beef, pork and veal but getting anything other than ground beef is unreliable here. They have it one week, then not again for 3. I know, I should buy it when I see it….
      It’s a guy thing.

  3. I’m glad you are renewing for another year. Love the stories about your life in France. I haven’t been posting much last year, but have recently gotten more enthusiasm for writing again. Www.

  4. I’m glad you are still blogging I’ve been following you for years and having been enjoying your amazing recipes! Last night was Spanish orzo! Don’t stop!!!!!

    • Thanks, Stacy. Actually I’ve been cooking more and doing more new recipes – it’s the gray weather that has me losing the words for the rest lol

  5. Your blog is my favorite; I read every one. I live in California and have never been to France, so I enjoy not only your recipes but also your accounts of life in France, no matter how trivial! You have a way of taking me with you on your experiences and journeys. “gray and boring” – never!

    • Thanks, Gloria… Put a trip to France on your list! I’m glad you enjoy my little slice of life – and the food. Maybe the sun will come out tomorrow 😉

  6. Our first blog post was 20 August 2006, so we’ve been going nearly as long as you. From 2008 we’ve blogged every day with very few exceptions. There are 3768 published posts and 25 sitting in drafts, waiting to be finished and scheduled. Several years ago the National Library of Australia contacted us and asked if we wanted to be archived by them so naturally we said yes. So — even if we give up, the NLA Pandora Project will keep our words and pictures in the public domain — assuming you know that’s where you have to look.

  7. Wow, Susan! That’s a lot of posts – but you do have twice as many people working on it (she says, facetiously) How nice to have them archived for you! Well done and all that!

  8. Meatloaf, eh? I should probably try your meatloaf – if only I could rid myself of the awful memory of Mum’s truly dreadful meatloaf (dry dry dry dry) that she made with left-overs from the alway truly brilliant Sunday roast.

    My first blog post was on 17 June 2003. I didn’t have a camera. I didn’t have a special program. I wasn’t nearly as verbose as I am now. And you’re right. Blogging is way more work than it used to be. Every so often I vow that I will go back to the kind of diary-like single or double paragraph post without (gasp) any photos. And then I get distracted by something. I have several posts in queue that may never see the light of day. But I don’t have nearly the number of posts you do: only 1201.

    I’m so glad that you renewed your contract! Way to keep FB from taking over the world!

    And thank you for the reminder to travel from blog to blog to see what people have been up to. (I just hope that they’re still posting….)

    • One cannot make meat loaf from leftovers. One can make hash (as long as there is lots of leftover gravy) but not meat loaf,
      Wow 2003?!? It was easy then, wasn’t it? Or, at least, it seems that way now,
      The journey from blog to blog is a bit bittersweet…. Have fun.

      • I know that one cannot make meat loaf from leftovers. I’ve known it for as long as I can remember. Alas, it took eons for Mum to learn that. And by the time she did, our collective meat loaf memory was so tainted that she couldn’t bring herself to make real meat loaf.

        It was indeed so much easier in 2003 when nobody was looking over my shoulder (and I didn’t even care that nobody was looking because I was just happily slamming things down) to say how it’s supposed to be and that there really should be photos and what?? No recipe?? You have to include a recipe! And so much easier when there were no malicious commenting bots to worry about.

        Now I find myself posting and then looking a few days later to see how many comments I have to erase – in comparison to the number that I can approve – and wahhhhh! There are no comments at all – not even from bots. Yes, I long for the olden days when I didn’t even care if anyone looked.

        Yes, indeed, the journey from blog to blog is a lot bittersweet….

        • After a few people I knew in real life started reading my blog I had to start being nice. Snarky stories about the neighbors are only fun if the neighbors never read it. I didn’t tell anyone but word got out and I had to behave….. Sigh…. That and Google.

          • It’s quite trying, isn’t it? So many blog-worthy posts and no anonymity. But I’m starting to think it might be safe for me to write anything I like on my blog. I have the distinct impression that I’m the only one who reads it. (And can I really even claim that? It’s not as if I have very good reading skills….)