Pork Chops with Peppers and Tomatoes; rain, dirty dogs, more rain — 8 Comments

  1. I sort of promised ma femme — sort of — that the 2nd slow cooker purchase was it for awhile. I //claimed// that I had all we need. But your sorties into creative and tasty options has me thinking about temperature-controlled slow cookers, which seem to be slowly (ahem) gaining traction in the US. Perhaps I can create a diversion to get a third; maybe it’s delivered to the house while we’re someplace she’d like to visit.

    • Dan, temperature controlled? I really think you should get one so you can try it and let me know if I should get one. It’s the only decent thing to do…. Really. And if 2 is good (I have 2) 3 is surely better.

  2. Speaking of pork, I did something I very rarely do here and ordered pork chops for dinner tonight at a nearby restaurant that is quite good. I usually don’t order them out because they always end up like shoe leather. Not tonight. They were thick and moist and juicy and tender, everything they should be but almost never are.

    I love pork in the slow cooker. It’s one of the few things that are almost impossible to over cook in them.

    Speaking of dirty floors and dirtier dogs…this is two weeks now I’m dealing with the flu or what’s left of it. I let my dogs out a few times a day and our weather has been snow, warm, snow, rain, warm, snow, snow warm…my floors are a mess, all of the poop in the yard that had been repeatedly covered over by the snow is showing up (I spent two hours yesterday picking up what I could that was frozen because it was a snow day, not a warm day) so I don’t have to wash their feet and the floor from all the poop they manage to drag in on their feet. At 5am. When I’m still half asleep. Tomorrow, I’m going to wash my floors and hope I can see their true color again. If I’m not so sick I can’t get around well which is what I’ve been fighting. *sigh* At least they’re short haired dogs.

    • nightsmusic, for me, it’s pork chops and chicken thighs – always reliably good from the slow cooker. I used to like smoked pork chops at our local restaurant in the US. I wonder if they still exist….
      My dogs have the amazing ability to run right over the poop without putting a paw in it. I have no idea how they do it but even when playing I have never seen them step in it. I normally clean it up every morning – but lately it’s been too dark – and raining.