Bodacious Bread Baking Babes Turn Ten with Tortano — 10 Comments

  1. How spectacular to see them all together! But I do wish you’d shown the stunningly beautiful crumb with olive oil from Karen Baking Soda’s 2018 Tortano.

    We did love this bread. Happy anniversary BBBabes!!

  2. I would eat any of these wonderful looking tortanos. The texture looks like it has a good chew. Yum! By the way, an ad for TempurPedic popped on and covered the center of the screen blocking out your blog when I accessed this page. I pretty much ignore these ads and hit the delete (x) button immediately. But yeah, definitely not food related.

      • 😉 I think the food related bit is a thing of the past…. Sigh…. But the pop-ups should also be a thing of the past on my blog soon,,,, I’m looking at one on the side for shoes at the moment. Really cute shoes, actually lol