Braised Lamb in Red Wine; help needed, please — 15 Comments

  1. Right now, I’m looking at several Craftsy ads – since they have cooking classes, I suppose they’re “food related”. The ad that pops up and covers the post – I closed it so fast it didn’t register what it was for. And now Discover & AARP ads are popping up along the bottom. None of them are overly intrusive, just annoying, and not as bad as some sites.

  2. Honestly, I have to make sure my uBlock Origin is on when I’m on your site. If it’s not, your site is unreadable for me. The ads skew the screen something awful and if I watch the bottom of the screen on the left, on Chrome, it shows site after site after site that is trying to connect. uBlock Origin shows a tracker of how many requests are made to connect. It will count each request, regardless of the IP so the request might come many times from the same ad site, but the counter has hit 2000 before when I’ve spent any length of time here.

    This sucks for two reasons. Of course, you want the ad revenue which I’m denying you by using an ad blocker, but if I don’t use the ad blocker, I can’t see your site anyway in which case, you still lose the ad revenue. 🙁

    I’m sorry.

  3. I have resorted to using Adblocker because I was getting so frustrated with all the ads. Whilst reading this and having some conversation with my husband on the side, it has clocked up over 2500!

    I will definitely be trying the lamb recipe.

    Now up to nearly 3000.

  4. The only ads I’ve seen on your blog have stayed obediently on the sidebar or in the bottom margin. I’m happy to report that they have always been food related.

    But. I’d like to lodge a complaint about this recipe. I know that some people think lamb is food – my husband and two of my sisters are three of them – but it’s my feeling that this recipe is a terrible waste of bacon, onions, herbs, and red wine. But, replace the lamb with duck, or pork, or chicken, or beef and now you’re talking!

    (I’ve tried and tried to like lamb. I really have.)

  5. Hi there. I love your site. I used to be a paid subscriber before. Like other commenters I use and ad blocker. Right now its counting to 750 and continuing.

  6. I have once or twice had the difficult to close ad pop up on here but most of the time the ads stay obediently unobtrusive in the side bar and on the bottom. Right now the bottom one has been switching from samsung when I started reading to onieda to mercedes

  7. Thanks, everyone, for all of your help. I think I have the problem figured out but the person I need to talk to at the publisher site is out of the office until Tuesday… So I’m going to Barcelona to visit friends – until Tuesday lol. I’ll answer all your comments when I get back…;-)

  8. No ads so far. This looks like an awesome recipe. Do you think this would work with lamb shank with longer cooking time?

    • It should work fine with lamb shanks, and, depending on size may only need a little longer braising time – or not at all. There, that was helpful, wasn’t it? My lamb shanks be small so I would cook it about the same.

  9. To everyone giving me problem reports: I have asked that the overlay ad (covering the post) be discontinued and that the banner ad (top of page) be made to stay in place. I hope that those 2 things will fix the issue.
    As to the ad blocker’s showing multiple hits – yes, that’s because the same ad just keeps pinging trying to get through.
    I would love not to have ads, but the costs of hosting and software keep going up every year so I try to at least break even on it all 😉 An extra bottle of wine never hurts either
    Thanks again for your help.