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Pecan Cake with Brown Sugar Frosting; gilding the lily — 11 Comments

  1. It looks wonderful! But alas, no nuts 🙁

    It’s interesting you mention The Pioneer Woman. I watched one of her episodes the other day and she commented that when she started out, she thought people wanted to see more than the finished product so she started taking pictures of the recipes as they went along and people commented how helpful they were so she keeps it up now. Also something about how there weren’t many doing that. I can see where they’d be very helpful for people who aren’t cooks or bakers. They have something to compare to, kind of like an online lesson. I don’t need an online lesson unless it’s something I’ve never, ever done before like the macarons I want to try next week, so it’s frustrating to me as well when I try to check out some of her recipes. Beside that, most recipes are only guidelines for me anyway unless it’s baking.

    Someone told me years ago, when I was very young, Cooking is an art, baking is a science. I think that’s very true…

    • I agree completely with the art v science analogy. As to multiple photos – early on I visited the PW site and she had 15 photos of toast. TOAST! I have a slow internet compared to those in most of the US and with that many photos, irrelevant photos (I know what a spoon looks like) I never get to the actual recipe. If you want to do instruction, do a video. I can watch YouTube with no problems but multiple photos that are not properly sized for internet speed…. I’ll stop now lol

  2. Oh I love your gilded lily. This looks like my sort of recipe but no dark brown sugar here….would have to make do using raw brown sugar.

  3. I haven’t looked at the Pioneer Woman for a very long time so I was unaware that she was one of these food bloggers that includes every single, nearly identical photo they took while making the dish. I assume it’s because typical readers like images. It certainly doesn’t add anything if you are planning to actually cook the recipe.

    • Susan, and it takes forever to load with our internet speed….. I really love it when they post the ingredients: A bottle of ketchup, 2 potatoes, whatever. Please…..

  4. Katie, when I come to your site, I frequently encounter pop-up ads that tell me I’m really lucky to have won something that in reality I don’t want. These ads make it very hard to continue reading (no x to close it or a box that says “close” but then just goes to another hard-to-close box. Grrrrr! I’m not sure if you have any control of that or not but if you do could you please stop those. Super frustrating when I can’t get to your stories. Thanks, Pam

  5. I would never consider it to be gilding the lily to add caramel sauce and butter pecan ice cream to pecan cake with brown sugar frosting! That sounds perfect.

    Did you make the ice cream too? If so, will you post the recipe please?