Bread Baking Babes exhibit deviant behavior: Nazooka

The Bread Baking Babes made a bread with yeast (normal) that didn’t rise (not normal).

The complained a lot (normal) then declared their efforts both easy (not normal) and delicious (normal).

Some, but not all, read the directions and some, but not all, followed the directions.

Actually, now that I think about it, that is all perfectly normal behavior for the Babes.

Never mind….

Kelly, of A Messy Kitchen, and our host kitchen for the month, presented this tasty challenge.

She says:”This is made in Armenia, Assyria, (Iraq, Iran, Turkey, Syria) and other countries and is known as Nazook, Nazukeh, Gata, and I’m sure other names as well.”

The consensus was that one shouldn’t make the entire batch at once because it was ridiculously hard to not eat them all.

Fortunately, the dough keeps well in the fridge and / or  freezer.

What more could one ask for?

Oh – the recipe….. Visit A Messy Kitchen to read Kelly’s info and instructions for these easy, walnut-filled pastries. I mean breads…. or rolls….

While you’re there get the details about being a Bread Baking Buddy this month.

Then check out the rest of the Babes….

Kelly’s Nazook

Tanna’s Nazook

Elizabeth’s Nazook

Karen’s Nazook

Judy’s Nazook

Cathy’s Nazook

Karen’s Nazook


And that’s it for the Babes in March….

And the Babes are:

 The Bread Baking Babes

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Bake My Day – Karen
blog from OUR kitchen – Elizabeth
Bread Experience – Cathy
Feeding My Enthusiasms – Elle
All Roads Lead to the Kitchen – Heather
Judy’s Gross Eats – Judy
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Ilva Beretta Photography Blog – Ilva
Karen’s Kitchen Stories – Karen
My Diverse Kitchen — Aparna
My Kitchen In Half Cups – Tanna
Notitie Van Lien – Lien

And me…. Thyme for Cooking – Katie

Last update on March 18, 2018

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  1. I agree! Also agree with Elizabeth.. I made a full batch, put half in the fridge, gave a quarter away and the rest was eaten by two male family members…in no time!

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