Ham and White Bean Risotto; our pool arrived — 10 Comments

  1. While I don’t have a driveway quite that long, it’s a good two acres to our garage from the road and we have the same problem. The UPS and FedEx regular trucks can turn around on the cement pad in front of the garage, but anything larger generally stops at the road, walks up the hill, asks me what to do and I tell them it’s best if they back in. Most are okay. Some aren’t happy.

    Right now though, the driveway is still ice covered and one needs a running start to make it up to the garage.

    I’m not expecting any deliveries. I hope.

    • On the rare occasion that we get a half inch of snow we are ‘snowed in’ with our little hill as we have no running start. When it’s dry even the big trucks can just drive onto our field and turn around….Now they would just sink.

  2. Same problem here – we are next to the last house on a one-lane Alley. Delivery vans larger than a USPS truck must back in one direction. The drivers are either cheerful and friendly or we never see them again!

    • I really am amazed at the capabilities of these drivers. Our road is narrow and either side is a ditch deep enough to cause serious problems.

  3. If home delivery of any item existed here then there would be a major discrepancy on all fronts…its not even up for debate

    • Risotto is always a leftover dish – except when I want asparagus risotto – once each spring I’m allowed lol Normally he wants it lightly steamed with nothing but butter. He’s a purist