Linguine & Meatballs


Linguine & Meatballs; tomato soup sauce? — 8 Comments

  1. YES (jealous).
    They knew because the French don’t super size.
    I’m sure the fresh tomato soup I make in my super blender on soup speed with the proper season would make a good sauce for meat balls … but it’s not from a canned soup.

  2. As a chef in kitchens that are not always stocked properly ( orders arriving late or things forgotten or left off the order) or having to deal with some other emergency situation I have had to use unconventional things as substitutes. One time we didn’t have enough of the normal ingredients to make spaghetti sauce and yes we added canned tomato soup to it…it worked but only because of the added spices and it was used mostly as an extender when we just didn’t have enough tomato sauce for our need. In general? NO WAY!

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