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Meatball Stroganoff; old cookbooks — 6 Comments

  1. Stroganoff was the first thing I ever cooked. It was fun. Long before slow cookers but yes there were all those “convenience” “foods”. Crazy to think about now.
    The contrast between the oldest using from stratch to later convenience foods, now were closer to from scratch again.

    • I remember the first frozen TV dinners (we were a little slow to this modern stuff in my little town) My mother rarely bought fresh vegetable – only carrots. In summer we grew them in winter it was canned lol

  2. I always make my stroganoff with meatballs. I just like it better that way.

    I have an old Romanian cookbook, held together by string, that’s similar in instructions to the first cookbook you mentioned. I also have a kosher cookbook, held together by a ribbon, with the same types of instructions but more detail because…kosher. I actually have four or five really old cookbooks like that and use them often. Then there’s the one for my InstantPot, a modern crockpot/pressure cooker thing, that I’ve had well over a year and used twice… :/

    • I think the old ones are more interesting. I have some really old ones that get into all aspects of ‘housewife’ duties. They’re a hoot!
      We love meatballs..

  3. Canned boiled onions?! Ewwwwwww!

    (I’d keep the books too. I stole one from Mum’s shelves years ago, specifically for the “tips for brides” in the bottom margins. I now have Mum’s highschool cookbook too. It has a detailed section on how to sweep the kitchen.)

    • Oh, I could use that! I’ve never mastered sweeping! I do remember reading somewhere that one should always scrub floors on hands and knees as it was very good for, er, cramps. Gotta love those old tomes!
      And remember to always freshen your lipstick to greet your husband when he comes home after a hard day at the office!