Shrimp and Spinach Pasta; Crimean Choir — 6 Comments

  1. I’ve always wondered if the pews were a forced form of penance…

    The recipe looks wonderful! I don’t eat a lot of shrimp but husband loves it, so this will be a definite menu item. 🙂

    • The pews are penance – but not so bad as the ‘kneelers’ lol We can only get shrimp that are cleaned and cooked – which makes this really easy!

  2. You were lucky you got a pew! The first concert we went to, I got the last seat, My husband was perched on a narrow stone ledge along the wall and most of the children were sitting on the floor at the front. It was summer, fortunately, but not that warm inside the old church. The concert was worth it.

    I saw the first asparagus stall of the season at the market on Monday. He was one of the few vendors that had braved the rain. The only non food or plant vendor I saw, was a chap selling wellie boots from his van.

    • We had reservations – which was cheaper than at the door and got us a place in front, sort of….. Yay Asparagus! Must go to the market tomorrow. I saw artichokes last week, and rhubarb, Spring is coming!

  3. I always buy clean and cooked shrimp too. Makes a great fast food dinner.
    I took my daughters to mass in the USA one summer when we were back and they were AMAZED at the comfortable cushioning seats, cushioned kneelers, carpeted floor, etc…they both remarked that if churches back in France were more like that they would be fuller 🙂

    • Most of the old churches here don’t even have many pews! We had slightly cushioned kneelers in the church I grew up going to, but hard, wooden benches, Kept me awake lol
      The cleaned, cooked shrimp are GREAT!