Skillet Chicken Tarragon; busy week — 6 Comments

  1. That chicken looks delicious! I don’t generally buy breasts anymore, sticking to the thighs instead because they really are just juicier and more tender. This looks like it would be great over rice.

    • I still do breasts in the skillet – strangely, thighs are harder to find here…. usually they are with the legs, which is great for summer barbecue

  2. My husband and I are in a local community theater production and are out most nights with rehearsals. I am relying on my slow cooker to get our meals on the table before we go out and save us the money and calories of takeout. I face the chicken breast dilemma. He doesn’t like the gristly fatty meats that do well in a slow cooker. I am away at work too long to trust I can do chicken breasts well. All I can do is tell him to suck it up. I have short ribs in a Korean sauce in there right now and if he doesn’t like it, more for me!

    • My standards are the boneless pork chops and skinless chicken thighs – both have been great in the slow cooker (so far) I haven’t tried chicken breasts…. Those go in the skillet lol