Chicken Enchiladas with Avocado; walk photos — 8 Comments

  1. I wonder if the weather in your area would be suitable for growing peppers from seed.

    I wonder what the France seed importation rules are.

    • I grew peppers at our other house, where we had better soil. I gave up here after the first year. I may have to look into it again…. As to import rules… I think that depends on the mood of the customs agent. lol. I sent 3 identical packages to the US at Christmas. 2 made it, one came back with half the contents missing and a note saying why it was confiscated. I know the real reason (tins of pate)

  2. The supermarkets here (southern Touraine) almost always have fresh long green chillies. It’s red ones I can’t always get.

    Orange cheddar is just a US thing as far as I know.

    • I used to be able to get them in Andorra – then, one time only, I got one that was super hot…. I quite after that. No, it wasn’t a ‘padron’ lol Who knows why someone in the US thought cheddar should be orange… maybe to match Velveeta lol

  3. What?? No green chilis? Not even in a market that caters to Vietnamese people? (Aren’t there zillions of Vietnamese immigrants in France?)

    Mmmmmmm… enchiladas…. J’adore enchiladas. And we just happen to have avocados that are exactly ready. And many markets that sell green chilis. We’ve been waiting for an opportunity to use our tortilla press again!

    • I don’t do hot peppers and green chilies are fairly mild – just a bit hotter than a bell pepper. The stuff in the Asian market would send me to the emergency room lol